Can't update to Eagle because new required MB

Our scout achieved Eagle before he had to do the new required MB Cit in Society. But I cannot update him to Eagle, because the program says he needs that MB (which he doesn’t) - how do I get around this??


Instructions are at the top of the Eagle 2022 page.

hmmm I searched “eagle 2022” and all is see is updates and that the MB is required. I’ve never used this forum before, so I appologize. But I don’t see what you’re saying

You posted in the Internet Advancement forum so I am assuming you are using IA, not Scoutbook which I did not notice before… IA only supports the latest version. You will need to complete this Scout’s Eagle via Scoutbook. Log in to Scoutbook, select the unit then the Scout then Advancements. Select Eagle then change the version at the top of the page to 2016.

You’re awesome! thank you so much!

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