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Can't upgrade legacy account

I can log into and access scoutbook and my.scouting.org but once inside I’m told I have a legacy account. Looking at the legacy tools everything looks correct, and I don’t see anything I can change. I need my YPT to register and to be given access as a Den Leader to use the tools. How can I get this fixed?

Are you logging in to Scoutbook with your my.scouting.org ID or with your legacy e-mail address & password. If you are not using your my.scouting.org ID and password, try that. It would mean you have 2 Scoutbook IDs. You will need to send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your name, BSA Member ID, council and unit. Include the login ID (not password) for each account. Ask them to merge the IDs.

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