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Certificate Templates for certificates on Scout Shop

I’ve purchased certificates from the scout shop that appear to be designed to be used in a printer. I was told in the shop that the templates were available online, however after way to much time spent searching I am throwing in the proverbial towel. Is there a location to find templates for the certificates? Specifically, I have the Cub Scout Pack Graduation Certificate and the Arrow of Light Certificates. Thank you for any help!!

Easy way maybe to just make some copies of cert and then use word to fill in blanks. Use the copies until you get the spacing correct so you don’t waste good ones.

Are you referring to the full page certificates? If so, someone recently posted some templates in the Cub Scout Volunteers FB group. I can’t share them here since it’s a private FB group.

If you are referring to the 8 per page pocket certificates, those are available within the purchase order in Scoutbook.

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