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Change a Leaders Role

I am with Pack 91 in Oklahoma. We are currently transitioning to Scout Book. We are trying to make some changes in some of our Leaders roles, i.e. Den Leader to Assistant Cub Master. We try to send them on online application but because they already have a role in the Pack it won’t let him fill the application out. It tell them to see a unit leader for assistance.
Does anyone know how you can fill this out online?

Pretty sure the online application does not work in this instance. You have to use the paper application.

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Check with your council as some councils have a simpler process than submitting a new application for each position change.

Has your pack processed its online Internet Rechartering yet? If not, you can change the leader positions as part of the online recharter process.

Our Recharter has already gone through. I think we are foing to just do the old paper form. Seems like it should be easier.

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