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Change Leader in the Advancement Report in the Purchase Order

Our Pack has recently changed leaders, but the former leader is still listed on the Advancement Report PDF that is found in the Purchase Order screen. Is there a place in Scoutbook or elsewhere to change the Leader and address that is auto filled on the PDF?

I’m not seeing a leader listed anywhere on the advancement report. Could you be more specific?

I believe whoever generates the report is listed - in testing that seems to be the case

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It is listed under:
Pack Reports>Needs Purchasing Report

Then click on the open PO in the approved items category.

Then the button is just above the Print Pocket Certificates menu on that page.

When it was ran by our advancement chair today, who is not the former leader, it listed came up as the former leader.

Right, it just lists the name of the leader who created the Advancement Report.

But the advancement chair who ran the report was not listed in those fields.

It uses the name of the leader who created the Purchase Order – it doesn’t matter who runs the report.

Awesome. Thank you! Good to know for the future. The advancement chair is the wife of our former unit leader, so Scoutbook was probably logged in as him when she ran the report for the first time.


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