Change parent?

In our new pack, we have one adult who is a leader and has two boys in the pack. He was a leader, and his older son was a scout, in another pack previously. We are in Great Alaska Council. He was previously a scout and scouter in National Area Council, thus he has two scout IDs, one for NCAC and one for GAC. The previous pack entered him in Scoutbook under his NCAC number, and that user is the parent of his older son. When we formed the new pack and he registered he was assigned a number for GAC, and that user is the parent of his younger son. How can I assign the user with the GAC ID number as the parent of the older son, and remove the user with the NCAC number from the pack?

First, has he used manage member ID in to get both member numbers under the account that he uses for training?

Thanks, Jacob. I will ask him and get back to you.

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