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Change to status colors

I don’t know if there was a basis for the green, blue, yellow color scheme for status, but I’m recommending a change. These colors don’t intuitively mean anything (at least not to me). Many “dashboards” use a stoplight color scheme, and I think this would be beneficial.

Red = Completed (i.e. needs to be approved/awarded)
Yellow = Completed and Approved by a leader (i.e. approved and needs to be purchased/awarded)
Green = Completed, Approved, and Awarded (i.e. has been awarded, and don’t worry about it any more)


HAHH! AMEN. The colors totally confuse me too.


I would prefer a different symbol entirely for each stage (Colored “R” for recorded to match the checkbox quick entry, “A” for leader approved, & a checkmark or similar for fully complete/awarded). The default colors are not intuitive for their meaning. With red-green colorblindness much higher in males, why potentially make 2 of them look the same.


Agreed. The color choice isn’t helpful. I don’t look at it :frowning:


Also, I’d really like an additional status added.

  • Completed (i.e. needs to be approved/awarded)
  • Approved (i.e. approved and needs to be purchased/awarded)
  • Purchased (i.e. has been purchased and is available to be awarded)
  • Awarded (i.e. has been awarded)

It would be really nice to know if an item has been purchased and can be awarded. Here is a scenario that has happened in our unit more than once.
A Scout earns an award, and it is subsequently purchased. Before he is presented the award, another Scout earns the award. At the time we present the awards, the second Scout’s award hasn’t been purchased yet. However, somehow through administrative error, the second Scout is presented with the purchased award, and the first Scout doesn’t receive it despite having earned it first.

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