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Changemyemail@scoutbook.com message for new leader who was a parent first

I have two parents who are now leaders that were in Scoutbook already from being connected to their scouts. Once council processed their registrations, I am now seeing them show up as leaders, but I can’t invite them to log in because their email address is listed as: changemyemail@scoutbook.com.

When I try to correct the email, I get an error message that the email is already in use in another account.

What should I do to get this fixed?

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This occurs when an e-mail appears on multiple individuals in ScoutNET. The user will need to log in to Scoutbook with their my.scouting.org ID and password, go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> E-mail and enter a different e-mail address as Scoutbook requires each individual have their own e-mail address.

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I have a leader in the same boat. Should I remove the “old” Scoutbook entry before they go in and add their email to their new entry?

I had the parent do what you suggested and it did not work. Any other suggestions? Scoutbook support perhaps? I think the problem is that the person already has an email address attached to them as the parent of a scout. Now that they are a leader and council put them in as such, Scoutbook doesn’t like that someone already has that email.

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Yes, email support please.

I found that if the parent logs into their Scoutbook account and then turns on SSO, it seems to merge the two accounts.

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