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Changing a boy scout to a adult scout

How in scout book do you move a scout from a scout to an adult position when they age out without losing all their information

Hi, Michele,

You have to send an email to to request that the account be converted.

There’s a how-to here:

The scout must be connected to the account (i.e. actively able to log-in to Scoutbook and see the account) so that the account can safely be converted to an adult.

Make sure that:

  • all awards have been approved, marked awarded, and recorded by council,
  • all payment logs are zeroed-out, and
  • all

If the Scout is in, or planning to join, a Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship they should not convert their account to Adult, as they will loose the ability to track in a Crew or Ship.

It happened automatically for our recent youth when their adult application was processed by Council.