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Changing a Merit Badge Counselor

New Scout Master to a New Troop that has 2 scouts that transferred from a different troop. I was looking at their records because they are close to Eagle. Some of the badges that they wanted to start have been assigned to a counselor that has passed away. How do I change those badges to a different counselor?

The only way I’ve found to do this is to go to the scout’s connections, remove the merit badge counselor’s connection, then return to the scout’s merit badge page for that merit badge. Make sure you print the partial blue card before removing the connection, however, so it can be used as reference by the “new” counselor.

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Thank you so much! This really clears up the argument the Key 3 were having!!

Glad I could help.

I realized that I’ve never actually tried printing a blue card after changing the counselor. I’ll have to see if I can remember who I did it for so I can test it out.

Did they actually start working with the counselor? If not, then I think there’s no need for a partial. Just print the card anew for the scout to give to the new counselor. If this were a paper application, it would already be in the scouts hands, and he could switch counselors with no further effort.
(Caveat: I am novice at scoutbook, so someone else may have a better way of integrating it with the traditional flow of MB applications.)

Excellent point, @Qwasze. I had read it initially assuming that the scouts had gotten some sign-offs from the now deceased counselor. Looking back at the original post, that’s actually not clear.

I should have made that clear that the badge had not actually been started but they came to me to get the blue card, that’s when I noticed the notes from the former Scout Master. I figured out how to do it by simply tinkering around with the system.

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