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Changing Committee positions - How do I?

I have a scout troop committee member that has agreed to be our committee chair. How do I go about making the change in the system.

btw - I am the COR for our troop.

Tx - Kevin

Since Committee Chair is a different registered position, you probably need to submit an adult application to the council to change the registered position from Committee Member to Committee Chair. Make sure that the application includes the current BSA ID for the individual and that you indicate that it’s a transfer application and mark the box that says “position change”. The snapshot below is from the latest adult application at: https://www.scouting.org/resources/forms/


Thanks for your help!

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Registration Guidebook, July 2019

Registration Guidebook of the Boy Scouts of America, 100-092, ©2019 Boy Scouts of America, extract (p.p. 14-15, 36, re-ordered)

Position Code List - Unit Positions

  • CC Committee Chairman
  • MC Committee Member

Change of Position

An adult changing from one position to another, even within the same unit, must complete a new BSA adult application which must be signed and approved by the institutional head (IH) or chartered organization representative (CR), except at charter renewal time.

A youth changing to an adult position in the same unit must complete an adult application and the CBC authorization form, and take Youth Protection training.

Transfer Registrations

Individuals (both youth and adult) with a current unexpired paid BSA registration can transfer their registration to any other BSA unit, district, or council position at no charge by completing a new application. This includes transferring from one council to another. A transferred registration is considered a paid registration and is included in membership totals. Councils should use the transfer registrant feature in the BSA membership system to ensure that the registration is not duplicated and included twice in membership totals.


I would call your council registration folks. Sometimes they will make the change for the COR without the paperwork if the person is already registered. I am thinking that changes like that can also be made at recharter time as well.

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