Changing Councils

How can I change Councils in my.scouting? I am applying to be a Den Leader and took YPT, but this account is still associated with an old council. I need to make sure this account is associated with my current Pack.


@MichaelAuman I’m not sure what your “New” Council is, but your newest is in Central Florida Council where you were a Tiger Cub Adult. If that is it, use Manage Member ID in My.Scouting to add that Council Member ID as Primary.

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So when I look, it shows Occoneechee 421 as the council, when we are now in Central FL. On Manage Member ID it won’t let me add Central FL, it comes up with an error saying User Not Found.


When I look at your ID it shows your Central FL MID as primary and your Occoneechee MID as secondary.

@MichaelAuman do you see this is Scoutbook?

I PM’d and Michael and this is fixed…

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