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Changing Position Using Online Application

I tried today and the New Member Coordinator issue isn’t happening at least for troops when I tried so that seems resolved.

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I just tried using PM to move a 19yr old (with current YPT) from Unit Participant (where he was mistakenly rechartered) to Unit College Scouter Reserve (where he should have been rechartered). He had to complete an Adult App last year, at age 18, when he first became a Unit Participant, so that, and his CBC, is already on file. As a COR Delegate, I’ve already successfully used Position Manager for several other leaders, so I’m trying to figure out why it is not working in this case. It allows me to move him over into the Unit College Scouter Reserve column, but when I hit “Save Changes”, it gives me the error “Only Registered positions can be assigned or expired”. Any suggestions?

not sure UPs have a CBC

Thanks Donovan. Might have been a situation where he remembers filling out the CBC, but it didn’t actually get processed if it wasn’t really required for the UP. Then the follow-up question would be, Can he now complete an online application for UCSR, or will he have to complete a paper app?

ask your council is best answer

I think this is probably a bug. I am pretty sure UPs / VPs have a criminal background check.

But best to talk to your council.

During 2020 I had several youth with Eagle Extensions fill out the Adult Application, and Criminal Background Check form. These youth also did YPT and presented me with the Certificate. I approved as COR and turned into council. Some competed Eagle in 2020 and did NOT recharter, some rechartered for 2021 and completed Eagle in 2021 (one rechartered and did not complete Eagle). I also recently went into PM to move one of the UPs to UCSR and had the same result as listed above. So I am having the UP complete a new paper Adult application w/CBC and will add the YPT certificate and take to council to make it happen.
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You may be correct that it is a bug.