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Changing signers on a bank account

Hi, is there anyone that can help with this question below thanks…

We want to change signers for our bank account, and were told we need the articles of incorporation for GLAAC and the 501c3 letter certifying that BSA is a non-profit organization. We also need a letter on the BSA letterhead stating that we are authorized to have an account for Pack 558.

Do you have any experience with changing signers for the bank account? And/or do you have copies of these documents either for the Pack or GLAAC? We currently don’t have any documents on file at the bank.

@tommymartinez - why would the bank need the Council info and the 501c3. The council is the 501c3 but has no relationship to the unit bank account. The unit and its account are owned by the Charter Organization. We had to fill out the signature forms, provide ID and minutes of the meeting authorizing the change of signers.


It’s a common misconception that units operate under the council’s non-profit status. Units operate according to the tax status of their chartering organization. If your chartering organization is a non-profit, it’s actually their information you might need to be able to open an account, as well as their permission to use their non-profit status.

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Perhaps that misconception exists because that’s how Girl Scout units operate. It could be that the bank is confusing the organizations.

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Thank you for your quick response! Your information was very helpful. Thanks again

You don’t necessarily need the non profit status paperwork from the charter org for the bank account either. It depends on the bank and account type. With something like 5000 banks in the US units need to ask these kind of questions to the bank itself. Bring the charter org treasurer into the discussion too.

I moved our account into a dedicated tax ID just used for banking when our charter org was shutting down and we didn’t know who the new org was yet. They didn’t care at all (the bank or new charter org) and I haven’t taken the time to change it again. We’re just under a standard business checking account so it didn’t matter. It’s been open since the early 1970s and it’s works just fine for what we need.

Thank you for your input. I’m so appreciative! Thanks again