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Changing troops for my son in Scoutbook

My son recently switched troops. How can I change his troop in Scoutbook?


First, did he change councils as well as troops or just troops? If he changed troops within one council then there are several methods.

  1. Wait for the transfer paperwork to be processed. He will be moved automatically within 48 hours.
  2. Go to his membership, add an end date in the membership for the old troop and click UPDATE then click +ADD and add a membership for his new troop. Notify the unit admins that they need to approve him in the unit. This would typically be the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster and Charter Org Rep.
  3. Ask the unit admin of the new troop to use the transfer tool found on the troop roster page. The admin will need your son’s last name, BSA Member ID and zip code.

If changing councils, use options 2 or 3 before the transfer paperwork is processed. If this is not done before the transfer paperwork is processed, he will end up with 2 accounts. This can only be fixed by member care.

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thank you, I appreciate the help

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