Changing Unit Numeral Display

Is there a way to get Scoutbook to change the unit numeral displayed? We recently chartered two Crews and two Ships, one for girls, one for boys. (I know they can be coed, but our CO, youth, and parents wanted separate units). The intent was for them to share the same unit number (2), just like linked boy and girl Troops. When we chartered the units, the Council registrar said the system would not let him create two units with the same number, so one was put in as 2, and the other as 22. They will all wear the 2 on their uniform, the flags say 2, etc. Is there a way to get Scoutbook to display 2 as well? I figured there might be, since there are many units that don’t go by the full 4 digit unit number they are officially chartered as. Thanks.

Even if they don’t go by their official number, systems like Scoutbook will show the official number.

Your council can send in a national ticket with the request

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Scoutbook no longer supports displaying a number other than your official unit number.

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Are you talking about the Ship. The troops should be able to share a number as in 2g and 2b

Some Councils have a policy of not duplicating unit numbers. In Northern Star Council, boy troops are 3nnn or 9nnn (old Viking Council and Indianhead Council area respectively) while girl troops are 5nnn or 7nnn.

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