Charges showing up $1 less

I "Quick Add"ed two different charges to different groups of numerous people. One charge for $20 and one for $84.

In both cases, the entries showed up in the individual accounts as $1 less, $19 and $83 respectively.

Just wanted to make you aware.

@MatthewSchwarz - could you run a search on payment logs from the unit page and include past members. I suspect prior entries are reducing the balance.

Hi. Thanks for your thoughts. THe balance isn’t $1 off, the actual entry for the charge is $1.

Some Scouts have overlap and have both charges – in those cases, both of the entries in their Payment Logs are both $1 off.

@MatthewSchwarz - I know I recently entered a charge for recharter to all leaders and scouts and the accounts show the exact amounts of 185 and 60 respectively. You could also run a payment log report and an export of the payment logs… I suspect you have a transaction there that you are not noticing.


@MatthewSchwarz so you used QE to enter in charges for the Troop? Did you assign to an event? did if have a due date? the more details the more we can help. In an initial test it worked fine for me.

I used QE. I entered a charge. I selected most but not all of the Scouts. I assigned it a category. I assigned a due date. No event. No optional notes.

@MatthewSchwarz - could you just humor me and run an export of the payment log from the export/backup menu as my entries were done the same way without issue.

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