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Charging for entering ranks

I had someone say that for a Crew, some of the Eagle and Summit ranks are not showing up in Scoutbook (We are seeing them in Scoutnet). When the Advisor went in to enter the Eagle date for one that was missing, he got a message that it was going to charge him $1.99 to enter the rank. Has anyone else seen this?

Please post a screen shot for what the advisor is seeing. I know of nothing in Scoutbook that works like this. Could the Advisor be confused and looking at the Purchase Order and the cost of the rank patch is $1.99?

He is sending me a screen shot hopefully soon. That is a possibility regarding the PO. I will ask that. Still wondering why the rank is not showing though if it shown in Scoutnet?

The $1.99 does indeed sound like the PO and there is a toggle to turn off the display of pricing in the report. But the rank patch is $1.99.

How long ago were those missing Eagle and Summit awards earned?

2018/19 timeframe. He’s going to stop by on Thursday and I’ll look at it with him. Thanks for the help!

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