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2 Part Question -

  1. Philmont is just over 10 hours - so we are thinking of chartering - what is your experience on this as it relates to expense versus driving??
  2. This is from Central Texas First week July for 2 week Trek - so if there is another unit that might line up for trip we would be interested.
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My troops have chartered from Houston to Colorado and to one of the Carolinas. It is a fun trip where we stopped at fun historical parks and places along the way. A few times that we did charter and didnt fill the bus we got with other troops/crews going to the same camp to help fill the bus.

Our troop only took a total of 10 last year so we were able to fit them and all their stuff into 2 pickups.

For summer camp in 2020 we are going from Texas to North Carolina. Might be a good idea to start looking at it. Can anyone give me the name of a company to contact?

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How many scouts and adults are going? Having run the numbers for similar youth group trips in the past, the tipping point for a chartered bus was somewhere between 15-20 people. For groups of 10-15 renting a van would probably be more cost effective. You could potentially split the group into 2-3 SUVs or minivans (if you have the adult driver), but then your fuel costs are going to probably offset the savings over the rental of a single large vehicle.

Have you checked out the Philmont Reddit page? You might have some luck finding another group to partner with there. There may also be some related travel tips too.