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Chartered Organization Representative

This discussion topic is about chartered organization representative and resources available to the chartered organization representative. List of some resources follows:

National Charter, Bylaws and Rules - Primary Source

Annual Agreements - Primary Source

Position Guidebook and Resources

  • THE CHARTERED ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVE GUIDEBOOK – For Serving Your Chartered Organization’s Whole Scouting Family (Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Scout Teams, Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships), 511-421, ISBN 978-0-8395-3118-0, ©2015 Boy Scouts of America, 2015 Printing - OBSOLESCENT - Bylaws and rules and regulations parts superseded; varsity program retired.
  • Chartered Organization Resources, Scouting Wire, Marketing and Membership Hub, New unit development, home page – Resources for chartered organization, council and its districts. (This is the page online training links to.)

BSA Organization Orientation for Packs

Membership Registration

More Guides

  • Unit Performance Guide (UPG) - Starting and Sustaining High-Quality Units, Volume 4, Gold Edition, BSA National Alliances Team Membership Group, 522-025, 2016 Printing - Includes Exploring and LFL. Written primarily for district Membership Team, Relationships Team, Organizing Team, Unit Support Team - OBSOLESCENT

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Chartered Organization Representative - Relationships and requirements

BSA Rules and Regulations 2018 v.s. Registration Guidebook 2019

Per the national rules and regulations the Chartered Organization Representative is a council Scouter. In the membership registrations system the position code “CR” is listed in the unit position codes group. (There is no organization position codes group.)

COR and Multiple Unit Position Registration

Unit Positions Requirements (extract), Registration Manual for BSA, July 2019, p. 19:

The chartered organization representative (CR) is the only adult allowed to hold two positions in the same unit. The CR may hold multiple positions as committee chairman (CC), a committee member (MC), a new member coordinator (NM), or in the case of packs, a pack trainer (PT).

Chartered organizations that operate more than one unit (e.g., pack, troop, crew, and ship) must register the same individual as the chartered organization representative (CR) for all units chartered to that organization, because the CR serves as a voting member of the district committee
and the council. The executive officer (IH) must also be the same person for all units chartered to that organization.

BSA National Bylaws

CHARTER AND BYLAWS OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA June 2018, 100-491, ©2018 Boy Scouts of America, June 2018 Revision, 28 pages (including covers)


Section 7,
Clause 1. The membership of each local council shall consist of a chartered organization representative from each chartered organization and additional members at large from within the territorial boundaries of the local council, totaling a minimum of 100 adults. …

BSA Rules and Regulations

BSA Rules and Regulations June 2018, 100-492, ©2018 Boy Scouts of America, June 2018 Revision

DEFINITIONS, p. 5, extracts

  • Council Scouter. A council Scouter is an adult volunteer leader serving as a member of the council, a council officer, a board or committee member, or a chartered organization representative.
  • District Scouter. A district Scouter is an adult volunteer leader serving on a district committee or district commissioner’s staff.
  • Leader. A leader is an adult Scouter registered in a position of leadership or responsibility at the council, district, or unit level.
  • Unit Scouter. A unit Scouter is an adult leader registered with a unit, except for a chartered organization representative who is considered a council Scouter


Chartered Organizations and Representative
Chartered organizations must operate the unit in accordance with the Rules and Regulations and charter agreement. Chartered organization representatives are also members of the district committee and voting members of the local council.

The Annual Unit Charter Agreement, 2015

THE ANNUAL UNIT CHARTER AGREEMENT, 524-182, 2015, 2 pages, extract:

The Chartered Organization agrees to: …

  • Be represented in the Local Council and the local Scouting district by a Chartered Organization Representative (COR), who will be appointed by the Chartered Organization. The COR will be the point of contact between the Chartered Organization and the Local Council; will serve as a voting member of district and council committees on which the COR serves; and will, with the Chartered Organization, select and approve volunteer leaders for submission to the Local Council for its consideration. The COR will work with the unit committees sponsored by the Chartered Organization.
  • Support unit committee(s) made up of at least three persons for each unit.

Cub Scout Leader Book, 2018

Per Cub Scout Leader Book (2018), p. 25, Youth and Volunteer Support, The Chartered Organization, paragraph 3:

A member of the organization, the chartered organization representative, acts as liaison between the organization and its Scouting units and serves as a voting member of the local council. The chartered organization representative is often someone who is responsible for all of the organization’s youth programs.

Pack Charter Organization web page

(date unknown, downloaded 2019-07-14)

The Chartered Organization Representative is the direct contact between the unit and the Chartered Organization. This individual is also the organization’s contact with the District Committee and the Local Council. The chartered organization representative may become a member of the district committee and is a voting member of the council. If the chartered organization has more than one unit, one representative serves them all. The Chartered Organization Representative appoints the Pack Committee Chair

Chartered Organization Guidebook 2015

p. 4, ©2015 Boy Scouts of America

Following are additional requirements for service as a chartered organization representative:

  1. The chartered organization representative’s primary responsibilities are to help units to be successful and to provide coordination between the chartered organization and Scouting
  2. The chartered organization representative is automatically a voting member of the council and the district upon selection or appointment by the chartered organization. The individual must be an adult, a U.S. citizen, and a registered member of the BSA during the period of time that the chartered organization designates this person as chartered organization representative
  3. The chartered organization representative is encouraged to become an active, participating member of one of the district’s committees.

Organizational Charts

The chart in the COR guidebook (2015) shows the upward relationship.

The Cub Scout Leader Book (2018)., p. 26, shows the downward relationship to the pack .the charter organization and chartered organization representative (COR) above the pack committee.

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More COR Information

COR Training Available

Some training is available via Group Training (Face-to-Face, Instructor-Led), Personal Coaching, Online Training (e-learning from BSA Learn Center), and at Centers of Excellence.

Joining Training:

Youth Protection, How to take guide (June 7, 2018), SB KB page,

Basic Leader Training - for position and roles

Chartered Organization Representative

Online training modules for the Chartered Organization Representative are available in the BSA Learn Center on My.Scouting

– Per Training for Adults web page, downloaded 2019-07-14



  • SCO_267 - WHAT IS A CHARTER, 15.0 mins
  • SCO_268 - SCOUTING UNITS, 9.5 mins
  • SCO_269 - THE COR POSITION, 12.0 mins


Classroom option: D72 Training the Chartered Organization Representative

District Committee Member

Training award forms (from Training for Adults) for CORs participating in the district committee or sub-committees

More Training Information for all positions :

Which Flag Does a COR use when boarding a Sea Scouts BSA ship?


Note: Ship may be afloat or a “land ship”.

What a COR might wear

See child discussion topic:
Chartered Organization Representative - Clothing

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Discussion about Chartered Organization Representative (COR)

Some COR legacy forum threads

Prior discussion topic posts


It is true that the COR is appointed by the Institution Head (IH), However the COR is a Council Scouter, not a Unit Scouter.

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Dual Chartered Organizations (for a unit)

My comment: The revision of this section in the Registration Guidebook, July 2019, appears to be incomplete. “on the unit.” what? I am guessing it is suppose to be “on the annual unit chartered organization agreement form.”

Registrar Procedures Manual, 2013, p. 33

Dual Chartered Organizations

A unit can be sponsored by more than one chartered organization.

Two chartered organizations may want to organize a Scouting unit. Duplicate charters can be issued, if requested, so that each chartered organization has one for its own use.

Registration Guidebook, July 2019, p. 18

Dual Chartered Organizations
A unit can be sponsored by more than one chartered organization, but only one institutional head (IH) and one chartered organization representative (CR) can be listed on the unit.