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Chartered Organization Representative

I believe it is the complete list.

The previous rule per the Registrar Procedures Manual (524-901, 2013 Printing, p. 33) was:

The chartered organization representative (CR) and the parent coordinator (PC) are the only adults allowed to hold two positions in the same unit. The CR may only multiple as committee chair (CC) or a committee member (MC). The Parent coordinator (PC) may multiple as chartered organization representative (CR).

The current rules per the REGISTRATION GUIDEBOOK OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA (100-092, ©2019 Boy Scouts of America, July 2019) are:

Multiple Registration (p. 14)

There are no restrictions on the number of positions one person may hold as long as the individual serves in only one position per unit with the exception of the chartered organization representative (CR), who is the only individual that can be registered in more than one position within the same unit. The CR may also serve in a multiple capacity as the committee chair (CC) or as a member of the committee (MC, NM, or PT) within that unit.

The Chartered Organization - Requirements (p. 17)

The chartered organization selects one of its members to register as chartered organization representative. This individual may also serve as chair or as unit committee member if needed.

Unit Position Requirements (p. 19)

The chartered organization representative (CR) is the only adult allowed to hold two positions in the same unit. The CR may hold multiple positions as committee chairman (CC), a committee member (MC), a new member coordinator (NM), or in the case of packs, a pack trainer (PT).

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Thanks for the answer. So what if you have a COR that is holding another position and refuses to relinquish it. Is there any way to force them to step away without risking losing the CO and therefore the unit?

I recommend having a discussion with your District Executive.

What is the other position? In reality, we all wear multiple hats, whether we call them another position or not.

It is Treasurer position.

Well I could see the Charter wanting that in some situations

I believe when I was a scout, our unit treasurer was actually the treasurer for the charter, possibly so that he could reconcile the books. Our charter was a non-profit, and I know they wanted to track any donations made against their EIN/TIN because we had to get permission from the treasurer before accepting any donations/providing donation receipts, which he had to sign on behalf of the charter.

Treasurer is registered as Committee Member so that is allowed per the references Bill posted above.


@Bill_W That section of the Registrar Procedures Manual is poorly written and self-contradictory. It say that the COR and the PC cannot be the same person, and in the next sentence that they can be the same person.

There’s a bigger question here, though. Why do you want your COR to not be the treasurer of your unit?

I can envision some Charter Orgs requiring the COR to be the treasurer since all of the funds belong to the Charter Org. Since the COR is allowed to be a member of the committee, holding the role of treasurer is permitted.

I can see that, for sure, and as the COR, I’ve laid down the law for our committee on a couple of financial issues in the past. Fortunately, we have a CPA on our committee, who’s happy to handle the treasurer functions, and does a much better job of keeping everything transparent that I could do of it…

I’m trying to understand why @BrianCiccariello wants to prevent the COR from being the treasurer.

I do not see a contradiction.

  • The Parent Coordinator was part of unit committee which the CR can be a member of. I think it was written the way it was because of limitations in the old membership database that may have required to the PC role to be primary.
  • The old membership database has been replaced with a new database.
  • The 2013 registration manual has been replaced by the July 2019 registration guidebook.
  • The New Member Coordinator role replaced the roles of Unit Membership Chair and Parent Coordinator in 2017, so the PC issue is a non-issue.

The new codes for functional roles in the July 2019 registration guidebook suggest that BSA is moving away from using a separate access databases for my.Scouting, Scoutbook and other tools and will be using the membership database for defining functional roles and for access control.

BSA appears to be updating registered position codes (for example, removing old codes) but not the unit adult functional role codes which appear to be from 2004 or earlier.

COR related discussion topic. Click on topic name to view.

2015 COR Guidebook Table of Contents and Audit

THE CHARTERED ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVE GUIDEBOOK – For Serving Your Chartered Organization’s Whole Scouting Family (Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Scout Teams, Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships), 511-421, ISBN 978-0-8395-3118-0, ©2015 Boy Scouts of America, 2015 Printing - OBSOLESCENT - Bylaws and rules and regulations parts superseded; varsity program retired; Cub Scout Lions missing.

The opinions expressed in the attached are my own. The table still needs a little work.

bsa-cor-guide-contents.xlsx (12.6 KB)

Chartered Organization Representative Insignia

Copyright 2019 Boy Scouts of America
Source: CoR page at

Insignia being worn

  • World Scout emblem (WOSM)
  • Shoulder tabs (dark green? should be silver since CoR is a Council Scouter)
  • Founder bar and founded unit numbers (if founder)
  • CoR badge of office

Insignia missing or not earned

  • “Trained” strip indicating completion of basic CoR position-specific training

Updated: 2019-08-27

Every boy deserves a trained leader.’ … ‘Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster’s own personal example.’ — Lord Baden-Powell


Much of the effectiveness and success of your units will depend on the know-how of your unit committee members and unit leaders in carrying out a good program. Your district and council make a number of training opportunities available throughout the year. There are regularly scheduled formal courses, and personal coaching can also be provided if needed.

In addition, there are regular roundtables (sessions that introduce new ideas and techniques) and online training that is available at

Other training resources can be found at You can find out how much training your leaders have had via MyScouting Tools at

Encourage those who need it to complete their training. You will also want to encourage all of your leaders to attend the district roundtables regularly.

While BSA training is not expensive, there can be fees to cover training costs. Make sure these fees do not keep your leaders from participating in training. If appropriate, ensure that your unit budgets funding to cover the cost of leader training. In particular, be sure your leaders can afford to attend Wood Badge training, a top-level leadership development experience for leaders who have completed their basic training.

per THE CHARTERED ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVE GUIDEBOOK – For Serving Your Chartered Organization’s Whole Scouting Family (Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Scout Teams, Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships), 511-421, ISBN 978-0-8395-3118-0, ©2015 Boy Scouts of America, 2015 Printing

Training requirement flyer has been retired

The “What makes a trained leader?” flyer, dated 11/11/2014, on page 7, has been replaced by the basic position-specific training requirements document which has a “Basic Leader Requirements” link on the adult leader training web page at:


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Starting and sustaining high-quality units

“Unit Performance Guide Methodology”

My recommended update to the Unit Performance Guide* (UPG) - Starting and Sustaining High-Quality Units, Volume 4, Gold Edition, BSA National Alliances Team Membership Group, 522-025, 2016 Printing, p. 9, is:

3. Organize every new (non-LDS) unit with at least 10 youth Starting with two dens or patrols or a crew of 10 helps ensure the unit has a good foundation to grow.

4. Recruit at least five adult unit volunteers . Properly selected quality volunteers are important to the successful operation and sustainability of the new unit. Note: The chartered organization representative position should be a separate position and not a multiple position.

5. Develop the unit Key 3 concept. The unit leader, committee chair, and chartered organization representative meet monthly. The assigned new-unit commissioner serves as the advisor to the meeting.

6. Focus on organizing the whole Scouting family. The whole traditional Scouting family normally includes a pack, a troop, and a crew chartered to the same organization. It can also include a Varsity Scout team or a Sea Scout ship.

Note: STEM Scout labs are a pilot Scouting program. Learning for Life Career Exploring has clubs and posts.

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Update recommendation submitted HD-191105, “Unit Performance Guide Methodology” update needed, 20190901

Cub Scouting - Organization Setup Notes

The Chartered Organization Representative has a part.

How to start a den or pack

  • For pack, contact your district executive for help
  • For adding dens to my.Scouting tools and Scoutbook (if using Scoutbook) see help information and other discussion topics.
  • Marketing and Membership Hub

Luke Rose’sTop Tips

Here are some tips you can pass on to prospective or existing units.

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