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Chartering new pack

We are starting a new pack. We need 5 cubs to charter. At the same time, we can’t be listed on “Find a Pack” until we have a charter. This seems so backwards for recruiting new cubs to a new Pack. It also means that without a chartered Pack, we can’t open a bank account or anything else. We know our new Pack number already. We have one cub transferring from another Pack. We have a Cubmaster (me) and committee chairman and probable asst cubmaster. Any suggestions. I think national should create a provisional charter for these cases.

I agree, it took way too much time to start our Ship and it can be frustrating. I found it even more of a challenge (Adults just don’t walk up to high schoolers and say “want to go spend a week with me on a boat” without risking prison)

For finances–your charter organization can hold the funds (all the funds will belong to them anyway) until your pack charters. That can help a lot.

For recruiting–can your charter organization also help in that area?

Ask the Cub Scouts to talk to their friends. I find this is often the best way to recruit new Scouts. My troop went from 5 to 11 in a matter of months by the Scouts talking to friends.

Your council should be able to create a “coming soon” pin on the page for your new pack. Whether or not they know how, or know it’s even an option, is another question entirely.

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