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Child is working toward Webelo rank, but Webelo doesn't show up as an option in Advancement tab

The child transferred into our Pack earlier this fall but I just now realized that we had to mark all of his earned Bear items (from the previous Pack) as “awarded”. They were entered in the system as earned, but never marked awarded by the old pack. Now it’s like the system doesn’t understand that he finished Bears elsewhere and it won’t give us Webelos as an option under the child’s advancement tab. I checked his profile and the toggle for “Webelo/AOL” is clicked off toward the Webelo side.

@AlyssaSolt - is the scout in a webelos den ? And indeed is it Webelos and not webelo. I just had to get that out of my system :slight_smile:

Go to the scout’s membership page. Do they have one and only one current membership?

When you are on the scout’s page and scroll down to click advancement, what do you see?

Yes he is in a WEBELOS den. And wow, I’m sorry.

He still was listed under his prior pack as well. Once I entered an end date with the prior pack it automatically fixed the issue. I guess he simply was listed under two packs simultaneously. Thanks!

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