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Child not linked to parent account


I can’t see my son in my account.

My account is Cielle Fulmer - 13888862
My sons account Micah Fulmer 13888880

@CielleFulmer I only see one user for you - and it is connected to your Scout and you logged in this morning.

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Hello I have a person who is listed as my son’s parent who is NOT related to us in any way. We have tried to contact this person with NO response. I do not (even though I am his parent) have the ability to UNLINK this person. Can you please help?? thank you!

@MichelleSmart1 contact your council to help with that

I did! They don’t know how to fix this. Who else can help?

Tell them they need to use the VST tool

I recently moved and my son is not showing in my account. My number is 134796407 and my sons number is 136419681. He was being transferred from one council to another.

@AmyEastburg I see you still connected to your Scout but your scout is not in a Scoutbook Unit - I set an overnight sync to see if we could solve that for them

My son currently shows up, but it is showing membership with his current unit starting on 01Oct21 and ending on 02Oct01. Under comment there is the following “DateEnded set by AkelaSBDeltaSync as Expired with Lapse|Ended in the UI by User 1997040||Ended in the UI by User 1997040|”

I had also tried to add my son back to his current den but received the following error message even after adjusting various dates, including after October 2.
Date Started: This Scout was not registered in the unit within 90 days of being placed on the Scoutbook roster. Contact your Council to register the Scout.

@AmyEastburg What is the pack number for the current pack? Pack 183?

Hi, I dont seem to find my child on my account at all. can you please help
her member ID is 13913322
and mine is 13913314 thank you very much

@Rosa_MireyaToquica you are connected - but I do not see you logged in - what username are you using? or are you using Apple Log in?

@Rosa_MireyaToquica or log into Scoutbook > My Dashboard > Click Administration > My Account > Edit Profile > and get Scoutbook UserID from there and post it

thank you very much will do

yes it is apple login

hi,11999387 this is it

@Rosa_MireyaToquica yes that is connected to EG Daughter

Caleb transferred from pack 183 to 684.

@AmyEastburg Caleb is not registered in 684 - you also need to talk to council to merge BSA #s for him - he also has 134796406

This happened to a parent in our Troop last night. She was getting the invite emails but it wouldn’t let her login. As a work around, she went to my.scouting.org and created a new account. Then using the information from the new account she just created, she logged onto scoutbook.scouting.org successfully. Then I had her use this URL and manually request to connect to her scout Scoutbook.

I’m sure there is an easier method but after trying for weeks and not getting a solution that would work this was our last idea… luckily it worked. Hope it can help you out too!