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Cinematography Merit Badge

Hello, the Cinematography Merit Badge is missing from Scoutbook. I have several scouts who earned this badge back in the 2013 timeframe, but I can’t add it to their list of completed badges, because it is missing from Scoutbook. Please add this. Thank you, Brian Heflin

Cinematography was renamed Moviemaking. This is why it is not in Scoutbook.

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@BrianHeflin - if they earned it in 2013, was it not reported at that time and it does not show in their record ?

In Scoutbook, it is entirely missing. It doesn’t show up as either Cinema or Movies. I am in a unit that is transitioning from TroopMaster to S.Book. I see it in T.Master, but not in S.Book. I doubt it is recorded in their personal profile at Council, but I can’t see that at the moment.

@BrianHeflin - I just checked with adding a merit badge for my son and moviemaking is in scoutbook.

And it is also in IA2

The first thing I would do is validate that your Troopmaster information has been sent to the BSA. If not, get that fixed first then transition to Scoutbook.

Any Key 3 member, Key 3 Delegate or your Unit Advancement Chair as recorded in Organization Security Manager in my.scouting.org can upload data from Troopmaster to Internet Advancement.

From personal experience in 2 troops that use Troopmaster… the troops that are still using TM are sticking with it because they absolutely do not want to switch to Scoutbook. Recommendations to switch to Scoutbook are usually DOA.

Maybe Moviemaking could have a parenthesis next to it containing the words (formerly Cinematography)?

Maybe Moviemaking could have a parenthesis next to it containing the words (formerly Cinematography).

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