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Cinematography vs Moviemaking Merit Badge

Interesting problem. My son earned the Cinematrography MB in 2012. In 2013 that MB was renamed to the Moviemaking Merit Badge. Both Scoutbook and scoutnet no longer show him as having earned either. I’m just going to manually put in the correct date to fix this, but I think at some point in the past couple of years (maybe during the sync transition) his MB was dropped from the official list of badges. I’m kind of interested if anyone else sees this issue or has run into it, but given it’s probably an edge case I thought I would note it here in case anyone else runs into this problem.

Was your son’s Cinematography MB ever recorded in ScoutNET? It should have been imported into Scoutbook as Moviemaking.

Scouts who earned Cinematrography are “converted” to having earned Moviemaking. One of our Youth did not know this and earned both, but it only ever counted as ONE badge as applied to Rank or Palms,