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Citizenship in Society MBC requirements

My question is simple - I think. Please share with me what your district has told you regarding the “requirements” they have for you to volunteer to be a MBC for this new badge.

Yes, I know there is an online training course. Not a problem. Are there any requirements beyond that requirement to be a mbc for this badge?

I have an email from someone in my district that just told me today you cannot just “sign up to be a counselor” (I know you need to complete an application, list your skills, and do training) “one must request to counsel that badge and be selected based on specific criteria”.

Yet I cannot find any specific criteria anyplace.

I’m beyond frustrated at this point. I’m hoping someone here might have some clarity. Thanks ahead of time.

There are two things. Registration and approval to counsel a merit badge. You can absolutely sign up as a merit badge counselor and be approved for no merit badges. That’s a pretty useless state to be in though. To be approved for a merit badge, there is a Merit Badge Counselor Information sheet. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34405.pdf. That will go to your district or council advancement committee for approval. This process is described and governed by the Guide to Advancement at https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf
Councils and districts can require greater qualifications than national, but a participant can use any merit badge counselor worldwide, so extra qualifications are a bit moot. In the technicalities, a counselor needs to re-register every year too.
The only thing extra my council is doing for Citizenship in Society is signing a document that you do the DEI training and review the counselor guidance.

Thanks. We are using the form you referenced for mbc to apply. We understand the process. Sounds like we are doing things correctly but something is not happening (or a total lack of communication) at our district level to process.

@MeganWoodman I suggest contacting your council’s Advancement Committee chair. Here is what I found:

14. What qualifications do Citizenship in Society merit badge counselors have?

BSA has provided specific guidance to local councils on how to prepare counselors for this merit badge. The intent is for Citizenship in Society merit badge counselors to guide Scouts on their journey of self-discovery and facilitate important discussions about the diverse world we live in. Counselors should not advocate for a particular point of view; instead, they will determine whether that Scout’s response is based on a good faith effort and rooted in the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Counselors must also adhere to the BSA Code of Conduct and Youth Protection Guidelines in all interactions with youth.

Per: Boy Scouts of America. Citizenship in Society Merit Badge Counselor Guide. Irving, Tex.: Boy Scouts of America Inc., 2021. PDF. p. 36. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/diversity_equity_and_inclusion/Citizenship-in-Society-Merit-Badge-Counselor-Guide-2021.pdf.

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