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Citizenship in Society Required Date

Does anyone have a link to where the BSA announced that Scouts who have completed Eagle, except for BOR and Application before 7/1/22 do not need to earn this? My local Council is giving out contrary information. I found the thread from last month where this was discussed and the authority stating the change, but I can’t find anything published to send to the Committee locally.

Here are a couple of different items:

Fact Sheet released by National

Advancement News Nov/Dec 2021 (see pg 9)

Press Release

Bryan On Scouting Article

Combine the July 1, 2022 requirement date with the Guide to Advancement’s precedents that a board of review cannot be denied once the requirements have been met (,,, as well as the precedent that the application does not need to be submitted at the time requirements are met (, logic would state that as long as the requirements are met before July 1, 2022 a BOR must be held regardless of when the application is submitted, reviewed by the candidate’s Council, and approved for moving forward in the process.

I welcome additional insight to make sure I’m not overlooking something.

The Eagle Board can of course be held past 18 years old within the rules.

You turn 18 on June 29, 2022. You finish all requirements on June 28, 2022.
If your board is on July 17, 2022 they can’t possibly add this requirement. You completed all requirements before turning 18.

So if this is the case, it also has to be the case for a Scout under 18. The same rules apply for all. If you complete the requirements prior to the deadline the then current rules at the time of completion is what’s used for the board.

The key one would be the Scoutmaster conference where they sign off all requirements are completed.

The board could still deny Eagle if they don’t think the work was done, but they can’t add requirements not required at the time of the Scoutmaster Conference.

The various changes in First Class would be the same. If they were to change Sep 1, 202x and you go on a campout and finish lashings and have a Scoutmaster Conference waiting to be picked up on Aug 28, 202x and you can’t schedule a BoR until Sep 5 you can get signed off under the old requirements since the BoR can’t add or change the requirements.

I agree with you, but that was not the guidance that was originally put out, and the guidance that is in the hands of my Council. They have been told that all BOR’s after 7/1 need to have CIS, period.

There was a thread on this here: Citizenship in Society Merit Badge - #48 by Bill_W

Post #47 included info that seemed to put the issue to rest, but I’m trying to find it in writing to give to our Council Advancement Committee.

We have seen correspondence that all reqs BUT EBOR need to be complete by 7/1 - and if so CIS is not needed. I have pointed out a few times that directive has not made it to these documents, but they think it has - we will see

it sounds like national has to change how Board of Reviews work in the Guide to Advancement to make that requirement stick. Scoutmaster signs off all work done, BoR reverts this.

It’s a fundamental redo of the process and moves the program even more towards my point that a BoR is able to deny work was completed and send the Scout back to do it again.

They can’t have it both ways.

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I’ve seen that correspondence on previous threads, just looking for something to share other than a forum.

Great question. I was always under the impression that what was in the book when the youth joined is what was required for Eagle. This is the first time I have ever seen a badge being added and forced on a youth without it being in his book.

Per the Guide to advancement…
Advancement in each Scouting program is designed to be age-appropriate for the youth eligible to participate in it. Ranks form the foundation for the experiences; they are established and authorized by the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America and described in the various member handbooks.

Changes may also be introduced in youth handbooks or various official BSA publications or releases before appearing on one of the above web pages. In this case, unless official communications set forth a different procedure or establish a date by when use of the old requirements must cease, youth members have through December 31 of that year to decide what to do. They may continue—or begin work—using the old requirements, or may switch to—or begin work—using the new requirements. Scouts who choose to use the old requirements may continue using them until the rank (or Palm) has been completed.

So if this badge is not in that member’s book when they joined, why is it now added as a requirement?

This may shed light on the requirements for Eagle being static


A change of this sort has happened multiple times in the past. Family Life, Cooking, and now this one. The book you had when you started does not freeze the requirements for a Scout. This is the case of the “official communications set forth a different procedure”.

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But that does not negate:
They may continue—or begin work—using the old requirements, or may switch to—or begin work—using the new requirements. Scouts who choose to use the old requirements may continue using them until the rank (or Palm) has been completed.

This is the first case where they appear to not be given that choice.

The sentence before that quote negates it. It is saying that specific direction may be given. The word unless is key. Unless specific direction, you may choose. In this case specific direction was given and thus choice has been removed.

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Here is the write up when cooking was added in:

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Well, I’m not a lawyer so OK. I still find it odd.

I have no issue with the badge itself except for it timing and the verbiage in the documentation. I have never before see items like “Use only if pressed (reactive only):” and “Use only if pressed for more detail:” in a program before. It appears to be very politically motivated and social engineering based. I believe it could have been done in a far better way.

This is not the first time. It has happened every time they change/add Eagle required badges. I personally had to earn Family Life, even though it didn’t exist when I began as a Boy Scout.

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That quote refers to merit badges, not ranks. Additionally, the last time the rank requirements were modified (2015, I think?), Scouts certainly did have to meet the updated requirements, not decide whether to continue with the old requirements or use the new requirements. I remember clearly having to bump several Scouts in their BORs because they hadn’t completed the new requirements in the slip pages.

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The Scouts BSA national director posted the following on the official Scouts BSA Facebook page:
For the rank of Eagle Scout, it can be used as an optional merit badge until July 1, 2022. For Scouts who have not completed all requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout by that date, Citizenship in Society will become required.

It is an official announcement. The councils were invited to a virtual conference where the same was announced. I haven’t seen anything on scouting.org yet that says this but I would consider it official.


I think that guidance may be flawed. The Board of Review isn’t one of the “requirements” that the scout has to “complete” - it’s the next step in the process. If all the requirements are completed on June 30, 2022 then the BOR can happen after the fact - under the existing requirements list. Similar to the comments by @KevinCarlyle, the Eagle BOR can happen after their 18th birthday so it’s not a “requirement” to be completed before the deadline

I don’t disagree with you, but my Council has been told that ALL BOR’s after 7/1 require Citizenship in Society, period. I agree that guidance is poor at best.

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This is the fundamental issue. I vaguely recall that the initial announcement and training video said the BOR had to be done by 7/1. And while the videos look like they’ve been updated to remove that statement (without clarifying it), this Commissioner Update from 11/3 still says so.

Those of us who understand the GOA process, or remember how Family Life was rolled out (which allowed the BOR to take place after the effective date), know that requiring the BOR by a specific date isn’t fair.

While there have been a hodgepodge of announcements on the DEI page, this official announcement page, and Bryan on Scouting, none of them have clarified the BOR date issue.

To my mind, a facebook post just doesn’t cut it, especially when there are far more official places, like the pages above, as well as the Merit Badge list, Advancement News, and Scouts BSA Program Updates page.

There is clearly confusion out there.