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Closing threads early prevents participation from everyone except those who constantly monitor the site

Not everyone has the ability to check the forums multiple times a day or the time post a response within minutes of reading a topic. So what are latecomers supposed to do? Create a whole new topic? Send a request to mods to reopen a thread? Or just accept the fact that their voice will never be heard on that subject?

I can understand closing a thread early if the discussion becomes uncivil or when an argument become circular. But in cases of respectful and thoughtful disagreement, why the rush to shut down conversation?

Will the mods consider a less heavy-handed approach, like commenting a reminder to stay on-topic? That way, someone who discovers the thread 2 days later will still have a chance to participate.


Well as you had posted 4 times in 4 hours @MichaelK your argument does not hold water


Other forums I watch will close the topic if it is requested by the OP. They will usually put it on a 24 hour time out if it is becoming unrulily. They generally give reminders to stay on topic if it strays.

The topic you are speaking of was requested to be close by somebody other than the OP so Iā€™m not sure why it was closed as it was not really out of line.


There are settings in discourse to limit how much a person is commenting on a particular subject in a given amount of time. It is not a reason to close the topic.


Is frequency of posting really the criterion for closing a thread? Could you at least tell me what the guideline is? Is 3 posts in 4 hours acceptable? Perhaps you can appreciate my dilemma - the longer I wait to respond, the greater the chance the topic will be closed. :confused:

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As a group the moderators decided it had gone to far a field - so it was closed - that is the only reason - just as this one is being closed as this answer is the solution to the original question

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