Combine duplicate leaders?

Hello, I have a committee member with two BSA IDs (maybe). They have the same street address.

I can find this one in Scoutbook: 136943114 but this account has no email and seems to be incomplete – just a street address, no other info.

I can’t find this one in Scoutbook: 133512700 but she says that’s her ID. I was able to “Connect” the adult with this BSA ID to the Scout. I just can’t add this adult with this ID to the troop roster.

Can they be combined, or more importantly, can 133512700 be added to the adults roster?

She has 2 BSA Member IDs (MID) because 136943114 users her legal name and is where she is registered and 133512700 uses a nickname.

I have merged the Scoutbook accounts and set 136943114 as her primary MID so she can log in to Scoutbook and with that ID.

I suggest contacting your Council and asking them to merge the MIDs. 136943114 will be the surviving MID because it is the one with a criminal background check.

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