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Committee Chair can't edit ASM Connections

My individual fix is confirmed

I will note that, if it’s only a few scouts, the workaround is feasible. For my unit, that’s a lot of connections to make individually. I actually have a couple of leaders to “fix”, too. Hopefully IT is able to get this on the “hot items” list. :^)

Yeah, Charley, I do this pretty consistently and we have a relatively big Troop. Doing invites across the board for this would be very difficult.

I appreciate your help Donovan, I do know you’re trying to help. This definitely looks like an IT issue, though. Something is not coded correctly.

Well there was a fix for Connection managers with more than one page last week - I think this must be related

We’re small enough that we don’t have a second page in connection manager (although I do have to scroll a fair bit to see all of the “first page”. Not sure that’s relevant, but just in case…

Yes, it has been reported to the developers, and we tried to impress the urgency of it. But we don’t not know when they will be able to fix it.

I had found this work around myself and thought it worked but when I went back to the scouts connections the leader was still marked as view only for both instead of full control.

Appears to be fixed. Thanks again, Donovan.

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