Committee Chairman / Webelos Den Leader with 2 accounts

Hello. Pack 16 has a Committee Chairman / Webelos Den leader who is unable to access the Pack/ Den in Scoutbook. He appears to have two different BSA ID’s and the incorrect one shows when he logs in with his email address.

BSA ID 12684540 is the ID associated with his proper access in Scoutbook. His correct email address is also listed in this account.

When he signs into Scoutbook he has not access to the Pack / Den. The correct email address is listed but the following BSA ID shows: 13406845

He believes this is an older account from when his kids were enrolled in Scouts.

Can we have both accounts merged or this corrected so he can login to the correct account?


@AdamCanterbery this is fixed

We confirmed the account is good to go. Thanks for your help!

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