Committee member listed twice in Connections Manager (2 member ids)

This Committee member has 2 entries in Connection Manager.

The first entry appears to be associated with his Committee member position. If ‘position approved’ is
removed from his Committee member position, this entry disappears from Connection Manager.

The second entry is somewhat further down the Connections Manager list and appears to be his Parent entry. His son has the green dot and there are no other permissions set for other Scouts on that row.

This individual was initially part of the Troop as a parent only, and then later became a Committee member. He is currently registered as a Committee member on my.scouting and has 1 entry in the Troop roster on my.scouting.

We’ve tried removing/readding ‘position approved’, as described above, but the additional entry reappears after ‘position approved’ is readded.

There are other Committee members registered on my.scouting, but they only have 1 entry in Connections Manager.

Don’t know if this is related, but we are also experiencing the Connections Manager issue with permissions reported in the “Unable to set permissions for an adult leader” topic.

His membership details are:
BSA member id is 137152322
SB user id is 11593694

Checking further, this individual apparently has another BSA member id 131046697, and his connection to his son is through this id.

Can these id’s be merged?

BSA IDs can’t be merged, but they can be managed. The scouter can add the “parent” ID to his “registered scouter” my.scouting account using Manage Member ID in the left column as a secondary ID.

He will need to contact council to have them move the parent association from the “parent” ID to the “scouter” ID using the registrar’s tools (Akela database). The council may be able to merge the Scoutbook accounts using their VST tools, or the folks from Scoutbook User Advisory Council here can do that.

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@WilliamCalvert that is cleaned up for you

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Yes, the Connection Manager now shows only the 1 parent entry, and his connection to his son now appears via the 137152322 id. Thanks for your help!

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