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Scoutmaster wants to move unit to a different charter organization.

Is this a statement? A question on how to do it? A Question on how to stop it?

Generally, your council and/or district professionals will need to get involved, since the unit numbers may be “owned” by the chartering org, and require that they “release” them. That agreement is between the council and the chartering org, so I think it has to be resolved between those two parties.

If it’s an “amicable” split (e.g. charter has decided not to sponsor BSA units anymore), I can’t imagine a chartering org being pushy about not releasing a unit number. The chartering org also owns the unit “assets”, including bank accounts, unit trailers, tents, cookpots, etc. For the physical assets, I can see an amicable split not being an issue in the sense that those assets may not be of value to the organization. For money, it might be an issue depending on how the organization views the assets. It might also depend on whether, for example, you are transferring from a non-profit to a for-profit chartering org. Your DE/SE could probably give you better guidance than most of us can on those details.


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