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Our troop and pack use scoutbook, email and Facebook to communicate. But trying to get everyone to read one of these three is a challenge! It was brought up that a website would be an option. I’m not sold on spending $ for a site and domain name. What do you use to communicate with your families? And to promote your pack/troop?

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We are testing Team App right now - it is a basic messaging system with a free website (we dont use) - the thing we like is users can self-manage what groups they are in - so we make specific groups for each campout/patrol/etc - and its free

I would encourage you to look at it for several reasons.

  1. It can be a great place for resources used over and over.
  2. It can be a recruiting tool with pictures of fun, and a list of annual activities.

The cost isn’t that much. You can get a domain from for $12 a year. You can host a small site at for free. Our pack does this and uses the google forms for signing up for activities.

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