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I have 4, soon-to-be, wolf scouts in my den who attended the Middleton mills Rd Community 5 Day Camp in June of 2019 but the previous den leader never loaded their achievements/badges/awards into scoutbook. Does anyone know what they kids achieved during this time? And what were the things that they needed to do at home to complete a few more?
Any info would be helpful!


@RobertLenz - this is a national forum but lets see where we can take this. Was this in Dan Beard Council held at Middletown-Mills Park ? If so, it may be best to contact your council to see if they have records or info on the program that was run.

I found this web page that seems to be the Cub Scout day camp you are referring to:


I would suggesting contacting the person at the bottom of that page. She might be able to help.

Thank you for your quick reply! I emailed her but have not gotten a reply as of yet. I figured i would send out a topic and see if anyone had any info.

I truly appreciate your help though!

Have you tried calling the council? They might know who to put you in touch with.

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