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Completed Blue cards

I have several scouts that have completed Merit badges the councilor signed off on the MB through Scoutbook. When we try to print the card it shows the completed date but not the councilors signature. How do we get the councilors signature to show?

In addition to approving individual requirements, the MBC needs to approve the overall MB.

It shows the mb counselor approved in scoutbook the signature is just not showing on the blue card.


Has the MB also been marked leader approved? I don’t know if lack of leader approval could prevent the MBC signature from printing but it also would not surprise me.

Did the MBC mark APPROVED or MBC Approved?

The leader approved doesn’t matter because we have scouts that have it checked and not checked and the signatures still show on the digital blue cards.

@DonovanMcNeil, I’m not following what you are asking. If the counselor goes to quick entry they click sign completed MB they select the MB, they can leave a comment and date and click Save. There is no approve button. If they go to quick entry its basically the same except they can check off all the various requirements and then save. There is no approved button. When I look at the scout’s list of MB it shows marked completed by the Counselor and then the Advancement cord approved it, but when we try to print the blue card it shows the completed date but not the signature.

The overall MB is marked complete. I see it marked complete and the advancement cord marked it accepted. The completion date is shown on the blue card just not the signature of the counselor.

Complete and approved are not the same thing. Could you post a screenshot without sharing the scout’s name?

The counselor marked it complete on 4/11 but today I went in as advancement cord and marked it complete again to see if that would resolve the issue before starting this thread. That’s why my name is now showing as marked completed on 4/12.

There should also be a counselor approved line above the completed line. The MBC needs to go into the MB, click on the overall row, and check the counselor approved box.

I have never had to do this when I accepted MB and my signature has always has shown on the blue card but I’ll let the counselor know and he will have to go in and make the adjustment.

Hunh. What you’re describing would have been a bug, unless you are also connected as an MBC for that badge. That would have been the digital equivalent of you signing the blue card on the MBC slot.

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