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Completing Requirements from Version 2015

Our AOL den has completed a few requirements under version 2015, since the den leader quides we are using reflect those requirements. However, scoutbook has our scouts listed under version 2016 and won’t let me use or mark those requirements completed. Is there a way to switch the scouts version of requirements to 2015 so that they can be rewarded for completing those requirements?

All scouts should be using the current version of the requirements. For the most part, the current requirements are a subset of the 2015 requirements. So, working from the 2015 DL guide will also complete the current requirements.

I understand that. However, twice now I have covered things that our den leader guide (version 2015 I’ve now found out) said to cover only to find out that I didn’t need to cover them under version 2016. It makes me feel like we just wasted our time at the meetings. I would like those two things to count for something, so I can feel assured that it wasn’t a waste of time. The two things were a geocashing hike and learning GPS and doing a conservation project. We picked up trash around a local park. This is an AOL den.

Those things aren’t a waste of time, even if the kids don’t get a pin or a patch for them. Outdoor activities with their families and Denmates is fundamental to a successful Cub Scouting experience.


@KevinLayton - although not an office BSA site, it is a good resource to see the changes and requirements. The advice I give to my den leaders is to follow the latest BSA advancement changes, the current handbook and this site:

I don’t really see that as a problem unless you are running out of time to finish their rank requirements. Geocaching can be a lot of fun. For an updated DL guide, the den leader experience app has the following:

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Participating in a den or pack conservation project is one of the requirements for the Cub Scout World Conservation Award.

Sometimes the Scout Shop has patches that might be applicable to activities like picking up trash / litter pick up, so that might be an option.

There are also some third party websites that have some geocaching patches and coins for Scouts, if that is something that you might be interested in.

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As @JenniferOlinger said, your conservation project may help your Scouts earn the World Conservation Award. You can also double dip and count it for the Conservation Good Turn Award.

When Scouts in my pack who have already earned the Conservation Good Turn Award participate in another conservation project, we recognize them with the World Scout Kids Leadership Award for the Environment.

Trash crashes will often qualify for the Messengers of Peace Award. For those who have previously earned the award, we present the certificate, so they can be recognized at pack meetings.

Conservation projects also earn Journey to Excellence points.

Our pack went geocaching in August, and the Scouts didn’t get credit for that specific activity, but for some it was an outdoor activity that met an advancement requirement in a general sense. For others, it checked a box for the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award. Since I didn’t find a geocaching patch offered by the BSA, we presented patches from the World Scout Shop. Even without the patches, everyone had fun.

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