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Concerns about High Adventure

Hello Everyone-

Is anyone concerned about the High Adventure Bases getting shuttered during the bankruptcy?

Our Troop is booked for Sea Base in 2021, and now that the bankruptcy is in-process, I have parents that committed to the Sea Base trip in January that want to back out now.

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What I have heard is that a non-profit cannot be forced out of business and the HA bases are essential to business so they are safe. The Norman Rockwells valued at around $750M will be the first to go I have heard.


I’m no expert in bankruptcy law, but that seems to be a major difference between chapter 11 and chapter 7. The BSA filed for chapter 11, which, as I understand it, is generally a restructuring of debt and not a liquidation.

A related question is whether the high adventure bases are in a separate legal entity from the National Council.

Worst case, If everything goes wrong from the BSA’s perspective, I’d suspect it’d take far longer than a year for it all to happen.

The above are questions I have as much as everything. I’ve taken tidbits of what I’ve heard and tried to piece it all together. I’d love for someone to correct me.


Probably, you should be more concerned about any actions the government might take to stop the spread of pathogens. Such disruptions in transportation might not be covered by trip insurance.

If an HA closes abruptly, you become one more creditor rather than someone who can contribute to paying back creditors.


I hope that one thing to come out of the Ch 11 filing and our new CEO, is improved and more robust communication between National and Council/District/Units. Communication is a big opportunity for BSA to improve.


It could be, but some of this is by choice. It seems like not only does communication need to improve, but the choice TO communicate. It seems like the BSA is “old school” on transparency. Both National to members and Council to members.

Why aren’t there lists of what national committees (and subcommittees) exist and who is on them?

Why if our council received a provisional charter was it hush hush? What did we score on what and what is the plan going forward?

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High adventure bases are a source of revenue. No judge would shut off a source of revenue during chapter 11.



Doesn’t matter, though. One parent caused a panic and got our troop committee to nix ALL HIGH ADVENTURE at BSA properties until the bankruptcy is completed.

Now looking for a contingent crew so at least my son doesn’t miss out on those opportunities.

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Have you looked at planning your own? You may well be able to plan a similar “vacation” for a competitive price. I know when my brother took a group to Sea Base the ground transportation in Florida made their costs very comparable to what some vacation packages cost. Of course there are other considerations to be had.

Also, you could consider heading to the Sea Star Base in Galveston as it is owned by a council.

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Once upon a time, Seabase was just a bunch of scouters who went someplace with their youth, rented some sailboats, and started cruising.

The captains aren’t going anywhere. Unless a hurricane. And even then, they’ll be back shortly.

Our Troop is signed up for St Croix in July 2020 and I"m more concerned about the coronavirus than I am about bankruptcy for that trip although I am concerned about Philmont 2021 that we are registered for due to the bankruptcy.

I’ve so far been able to keep everyone signed up on board with the trips so I think we will be OK.


To be safe you should contact them directly and find out what type of guarantees they offer, if you are traveling by air purchase travel insurance just in case. As others have stated chapter 11 is a restructuring not a liquidation. However they applied for chapter 11 it was not approved yet. I would be more concerned with Philmont, this was recently mortgage to help finance their issues with the lawsuits.

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