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I need to restrict connections to some of my Committee members who unfortunately have not been truthful (long story) on approving their Scouts electives ect I have not found a way to just set their control to only looking at Scouts profiles so they are not just leader approving things event if their scout hasn’t earned them. I can do it for parents but anyone who holds a position on the committee I can’t seem to change

Hi, @DeannaSleboda,

I’m not sure what role you hold in your unit, so please be aware that my comments below assume that you are a Chartered Org Rep or Committee Chair. This is always a sensitive issue in any unit that faces it, so it’s obviously better is a senior member of the Key 3 is making this kind of course correction. I’m also assuming that this is related to a Cub Scout pack, although you didn’t specify as much, given your reference to “electives”.

For parents, I understand that they have irrevocable Full Control under Scoutbook at the BSA’s direction. For a non-leader parent, that only means they have access to all aspects of their scout’s profile, including the ability to delete it. (I think. I know this used to be true.) This means that a non-leader parent would not ordinarily have Leader Approve privileges anyway, despite having Full Control.

For parents who are also leaders, however, there is no way at this time to restrict the Edit Advancement portion of the Full Control permissions, which is what you would need to do to prevent these leaders from approving advancement.

I know that more granular permissions have been requested many times, but it’s not an easy rewrite from the responses that have been posted by SUAC members.

The best advice I have would be a unit policy dictating that no parent may Leader Approve any work done by their own scout, and any such approvals will automatically be removed. Since there’s no way to programmatically enforce this, the unit committee may need a different “stick” to enforce repeat offenders.

I would probably involve my Unit Commish and possibly DC/DE (depending on their respective personalities and availability) in the conversation early to see what options exist for your unit. My understanding is that there have been some changes in who is allowed to approve advancement under BSA program rules since I was a Cub Scout leader. Check out some of the revisions in the 2019 Guide to Advancement and consider discussing them with the adult leadership as a whole. That may be enough to clarify that committee members shouldn’t be approving advancement (that’s not new AFAIK), and that the den leader is specifically responsible for approving the advancement (this is somewhat of a change from when I was a leader, in which any “akela” could sign-off handbooks for Cub Scout (non-Webelos) advancement.


Thank you I’m sorry I should have mentioned I am the Cub Master for our Pack. Unfortunately I had a committee chair Leader approve electives for her scout and he hadn’t done the actual work. The Den leaders of the Scout and I got together when we were approving things on Scoutbook to get ready for our Pack meeting for the month and had discovered there were multiple things approved for this Scout the night of our first Pack meeting and we noticed he was upset he didn’t get but one award so mom “fixed that situation for him” and I need to mention the Scout hadn’t been coming to meetings because of sports (which is fine and we accommodate those in other activities like sports) just trying to avoid this in the future because unfortunately it shows not everyone is honest :neutral_face:

Urk. Good luck with resolving this situation, @DeannaSleboda. It’s never easy (or fun) managing inter-leadership issues.

Do you mean THE committee chairperson? Your language has me questioning if you meant, for example, the advancement chair.