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Confused by Shared Committee

I’m a little confused with the shared committee idea. We recently added a girl troop with the same troop number (####B vs ####G) and the same committee. At our latest CoH, the girl troop SM handed out Founder Strips to the girls and ASM and some of the committee members, but not all. I’m on the committee for the boy troop because we have two sons in that troop and my daughter just completed the girl troop (5 girls so we are official!) and I thought since we have a shared committee that we were all automatically on the committee for the girl troop too.

My wife did the paperwork to be on the committee for the girl troop, but I don’t think she is on the committee for the boy troop, and she was awarded the Founder Strip. Are we supposed to do paperwork for both troops even though we are the same committee? For whatever reason, the SM had all the ASM’s from the boy troop registered with the girl troop, but didn’t ask for committee members. I don’t mind filling it in a second time, I just didn’t know what we needed to. Can anyone clarify that for me, please?

In order to be a member of a unit’s committee, you need to fill out an adult app for that unit. Adults do not automatically become members of a unit without completing an adult app for the unit.


By that token, we won’t be able to do any BoR, since I think the only committee member that is not an ASM is my wife. We will need to have our committee members all submit new paperwork to get on the list for the girl troop.


From Section of the Guide to Advancement

  1. The board is made up of three to six unit committee members—no more and no less. In units with fewer than three registered committee members available to serve, it is permissible to use knowledgeable parents (not those of the candidate) or other adults (registered or not) who are at least 21 years of age and who understand Scouting’s aims. Using unregistered adults for boards of review must be the exception, not the rule. Registered committee members familiar with the unit program, who have had a background check, and who are Youth Protection trained are preferred. Scheduling boards of review when and where committee members can attend usually alleviates the problem of not having enough committee members for a board.

I hadn’t caught that directive. It’s very interesting. I recall a number of non-unit personnel who used to participate in our troop’s BoRs when I was a scout. They were generally folks who had been scouts themselves, and often brought an interesting perspective and asked questions that made me think about what we had done differently.

Our committee folks were usually quite focused on the implementation side of things ("How is the program working for you? " type of questions), and the “outsiders” usually asked questions more about how we thought that what we had learned related to skill X would help us outside of scouting. There was often prompting to get us thinking about it, even if we didn’t have an “answer”. It was a valuable perspective, particularly looking back on it now.

You might want to check or inquire what member manager says. You shouldn’t have been able to submit the charter without three committee members. It’s possible that your council gave special treatment to the charter because of being a linked troop.


That is interesting…once again, more food for thought…

Thanks again!

An added wrinkle this year is the need for the new background check authorizations to be submitted. My district has several unit recharters on hold for lack of the form. You may need to make your council registrar aware that the forms have be submitted with the other unit.

Yeah, that’s been an issue for those of us in troop/pack situations. I ended up just signing two because the boy troop recharter needed one even though I had already sent one in a couple months ago with a Cub Scout pack.

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