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Confusion Regarding Names of BSA related Outdoor Courses

I have been going through Scoutbook recently, and I decided that I would try to earn the Outdoor Ethics Action Award. However, I found that requirement 1b asks that I complete the “BSA outdoor ethics course”. When I tried to find opportunities to participate in such a course, I found no course with that same name. Does the course go by another name, and can it be completed online? Also do both the courses required for the Awareness and Action award have a corresponding Training code that can be entered into the Training log on Scoutbook?

The name of the course appears to be Outdoor Ethics Orientation

For more information:
BSA Outdoor Ethics Training
BSA Outdoor Ethics - Resources

It appears to be an in-person course. I could not find it online, and the code is not a SCO_XXX number.

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Hi, @QuantumHiker,

The Outdoor Ethics Orientation Course is described here:


It’s generally taught by a Leave No Trace Trainer/Master Educator, Tread Lightly Trainer/Master Educator, or others who have completed the required training as an in-person course. I’ve never tried to teach the course remotely, so I’m not sure how well it would work.

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