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Congressional Award

The Congressional Award website

WHAT: The Congressional Award is the United States Congress’ award for young Americans [age 13.5 to 23]. It is non-partisan, voluntary, and non-competitive. The program is open to all youth regardless of ability, circumstance, or socioeconomic status. Participants earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold Certificates and Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals. Each level involves setting goals in four program areas:

  • Voluntary Public Service
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Fitness
  • Expedition/Exploration

Earning the Award is a fun and interesting way to get more involved in something you already enjoy or something you’d like to try for the first time. You move at your own pace, on your own or with your friends. This is not an award for past accomplishments. Instead, you are honored for achieving your own challenging goals.

The Congressional Award has no minimum grade point average requirements. It accommodates young people with special needs or disabilities who are willing to take the challenge.

WHY: The BSA has partnered with The Congressional Award, allowing participants to incorporate their activities into their pursuit of the award. [It provides a way of recognizing a scout’s efforts, separate from BSA’s ranks and awards]

HOW: Register BEFORE you start. Activities done before you register don’t count. See website and program book for more details.

RESOURCES: Program Book, Record Book - pdf or fillable pdf

Have you had any scouts participate in this program?

Did they like it? Did they promote it to their buddies?

Did you like it? Do you promote it?

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