Connecting a leader of patrol to scout


BSA#136314909. I need to connect this scout to the leader as he needs to update her rank advancements. I added him to her connection and I can see that he is connected to her, but he is still not able to see her in scout list under him as a leader. Please send me private message if you need further details with names.


How is the leader trying to view the scout? Via Scoutbook, IA2, the Scouting app? Each one has slightly different idiosyncrasies about how things work.

Is this in a pack, by chance? Cub Scouts need to be assigned to a den of the appropriate “rank” to have their advancement appear.

sigh It’s obviously getting late in the day, given that the subject says “leader of a patrol”.

@MinalNemani what are the leaders initials or BSA #?

Leader is trying to see through app. This is troop 519.

I cannot see his BSA# but his initial would be MB

Leader is trying to see through app. This is troop 519.

The app only works for parent-to-scout connections, not for leaders. Leaders have to use Scoutbook or IA2 (depending on what they’re editing) to interface to scouts who are not their own.

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He is able to see other girls in the patrol, under him. He has send me picture. How can I send that to you?

If you have a screenshot, you can paste it directly into the discourse interface. Make sure you remove/block any youth names. BSA IDs are ok.

If you can’t “sanitize” the image, one if the folks from SUAC could set up a private chat, or you can try just posting the BSA ID for each of the scouts for whom the leader isn’t a parent.

@MinalNemani MB is set to View Profile on the above Scout - the other Scouts he sees are his own kids in App I imagine

The App is for Parents/Scouts and that is all - leaders cannot use it

Let me add the BSA# of all girls whom he is leader.

  1. 137279348
  2. 136592683
  3. 137297792
  4. 137297842
  5. 137275093
  6. 137139494

The scout who he is not able to see is 136314909

He seems to be connected to the Scout with View Profile.

Try having a Troop Admin reset his Patrol Admin role. A Troop Admin would:

  1. Go to the Troop Roster page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on M.B.'s name.
  3. Click on his Patrol Admin role.
  4. Make sure the box is checked next to “Position Approved”.
  5. Click Update.

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