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Connecting A Scout to Scoutbook

I have a Scout who created their own account in Scoutbook, so when I went to invite them to link to our troop I received a message that said they already had an account and the Scout must delete that account so I can send the invite to the troop.

The Scout couldn’t find any means to delete the account they created. So how do I get my Scout connected to the Troop’s Scoutbook so they can follow advancement and RSVP on the calendar etc?

can the scout change their own membership to your troop in SB?

No. From what I understand, as a minor, they have to be invited by a parent or SM to connect to the troop. Since they created their own account, I can’t send an invite.

no they can go to own membership tab and change it

I’m kinda startled by the fact that a youth was able to create their own account to begin with. I thought that was strictly an adult-side activity (i.e. either parents under the pre-BSA Scoutbook, or leaders under the current paradigm).

Alternatively, if the scout is already on your roster, could they go into their profile and add in the correct BSA ID, since I assume that account is not synched and therefore the data is not “locked”? That might allow the system to “push” the scout’s account into your unit when it runs the member update sync.

I suspect this Scout has 2 accounts. One account is associated with the Scout’s e-mail address, and the other is associated with the Scout’s BSA member id number.

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