Connecting MBC and Scout

Have a COR who is helping out and connecting MBC with Scouts. She has 1 MBC and 1 Scout that she can’t connect. She gets the “MID not found” error.
MBC is 136066154
Scout is 136696840, badge is Pers. Fit.

Any ideas?


Please check the Scout’s MID. The MID provided is an adult.

Hi Ed,
Sorry, too many ID numbers on my problem tracker. Youth should be: 136343032
Come to find out, the Scout is connected to a different MBC for the badge. I would guess she can’t be connected because of that. I continue to be in talks with the COR.


The Scout is connected to another MBC for Personal Fitness. The COR needs to remove that connection before connecting another MBC.

That’s what I thought. Now to the actual start of this mess.
Same MBC - is not connected to 140541364 COR gets “MBC can’t be found”. When I go to VST, and look at the MBC connections in Scoutbook, there are 2 Scouts working on badges who don’t have a “date connected”, and a number of Scouts that aren’t working on badges also without “date connected”. Any ideas?

I do not think that should matter - they could run clean old MBC Connections to see if that makes a difference

Ok, will suggest that. Hopefully that finishes this unit’s issues.

MBCs can also connect to scouts themselfs - under My Profile > My Connections > Add

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