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Connecting parents to a second scout in scoutbook

I’ve searched but have not seen an answer to the issue that we are having. I’m one of the admins for our troops scoutbook and resent the invite to one of our parents, she received the email, but the link does not take her anywhere. Even tried copying and pasting it into a couple of different browsers. Nothing seems to work. Any idea what we are missing?

If she is already in Scoutbook. All she needs to do is login with the username in the email and she will see her 2nd Scout

She can only see her older scout under her family, but when she goes to her older scout, and clicks on the drop down menu with his name on it, it shows a check mark next to his name and it shows her other scouts name but it is not checked and she cannot access his information.

If you post the BSA Member ID of the mother, no name, we can investigate.

13386004 is parent BSA #

My view of the database shows her connected to 2 Scouts with first initials A and I.

She has 2 Scoutbook IDs. I merged them into a single account. She should be logging in to Scoutbook with her my.scouting.org ID and password.

I’ve let her know, will let you know if it works. Thank you for helping us with this issue.

Still not able to see both kids, should I resend the invite again since the account has been merged?

I removed the connection between the parent A and Scout I then put it back. Please ask her to check again.

Thank you so much! That worked. I appreciate it so much.

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