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Connecting scouts

I added our new AOL’s into SB. Once I took the paperwork in, Council also added them. I removed what I entered, because I knew I needed the red A. I disconnected from the old accounts as did the parents, now the scouts can’t access their accounts.

In order for Scouts to access their accounts, they have to be invited by a parent / guardian. A parent can invite their Scout to connect by going to the Scout’s Edit Profile page.

There isn’t an invite button, it says that the scouts already have an account. When parents remove the duplicate account, the account with the red A gives the parents an opportunity to invite the scout and then just when you think it’s sending the invite, it says the scout already has an account.


It sounds like the Scouts have 2 IDs in Scoutbook. Send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA#, council and current & previous units. Ask them to search for and merge duplicate accounts.