Connections for new scouts always need to be added manually?

Every time we get new scouts into our troop, it seems we have to manually update the connections for all adult leaders and committee members. Seems like this should be automatic? Is this the way it’s supposed to work?

It’s quite cumbersome to do this when we have 30 leaders in our troop and need to reset connections for them all.


This is the way Scoutbook works. Only admins are connected automatically. You can make the process easier by using the Permissions by Position function of the Scoutbook Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. While the extension still requires manual intervention, it makes setting connections easier when new Scouts join the unit.

That is disappointing, but I appreciate the reply.

Can I request an enhancement? We need to make these tools easier to use.

The issue with automating things is that not every unit assigns the same connection permissions to their scouters for the same position. So, if the system automatically set permissions/connections between scouters and new scouts based on their registered position, units would constantly be trying (and failing) to reset permissions to match their unit’s implementation.

Instead, the system permits units to set the scouters/scout connections to what they deem appropriate. For example, a new ASM might not yet be granted Edit Advancement until all position-specific training is complete. A committee member serving as treasurer has Full Control to edit payment logs, but committee members in general only have View Profile/View Advancement since they only need to be able to send emails.

There are a lot of particular details that defaulting connections in Scoutbook based on registered position (or even based on roles in Scoutbook) might generate more work than periodically needing to update connections in Scoutbook when new scouts are added.

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