Connections Manager column apply broken

Ever since the paging support was added to Connections Manger, you can no longer apply permissions by selecting the column header (scout).

There are two bugs:

  1. You get an error saying that you do not have permission to modify connections if YOUR adult record is not one of the rows on that page.

  2. If you do modify connections for a column from the page your record is on, it does not apply the changes to all pages.

(Note: The Feature Extension’s Permission by Position feature is broken as well since paging support was added. I have posted about that in the Feature Extension forum.)

The first bug happens with attempts to modify connections at the cell level as well.

Note: You can do row level connection changes!

This is a Feature Assistant extension feature. I am aware of the issue and am working to find a resolution.

I have retested this issue after your fix, and things seem to be working now.

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